Wednesday, July 28, 2010

why plant a garden?

honestly. it's probably all going to die anyways.

pessimistic? maybe. but please!

i spent 300 dollars on a fence, wooden posts (for a raised bed), soil, and plants. i shouldn't even admit to the cost. the truth is, i had no idea how expensive it would be. in my mind i was going to hoe up some dirt (unaware that there is about two inches of dirt here, the rest is rock!) and plant some seeds and vua la! i have a garden! i envisioned my self happily weeding my garden, picking vegetables and only needing to go to the store for meat and dairy. ridiculous? well, that was my happy little vision.

this is what it has become: a fenced in area of overgrown grass! haha. all of the squash plants have died, as have four of my tomato plants.

RIP tomato plants

so far i have harvested about 4 cherry tomatoes... you do the math.

i also have no idea what's growing where! i put labels in the ground, but they seem to have gone missing. i did notice a jalapeno growing, so at least i know what that plant is.

what was i thinking? i have this problem, i get something in my head and there's no turning back. i was so excited about this garden...

moral of the story: just go to the friggin store!

on a happier note, i've taken really good care of my skin my whole life. i have never really been the type to "breakout," but recently my forehead has been a mess! after masking did nothing to help the situation, i got this wild idea to try bragg's raw apple cider vinegar. guess what? by simply soaking a cotton pad and applying generously to my forehead and going to bed, my forehead was almost completely clear the next morning! no joke, it was like 80% better! so, that's my new found secret.

another secret you ask? well, i had about 15 mosquito bites on my leg and it was driving me nuts! so after scratching until i could hardly bear it, i had another wild thought, if it worked on my forehead... yep, after soaking a cotton pad and applying a generous amount (what is generous anyways? i just like the way it sounds) to my leg, within about 10 minutes all of the itching was gone. i'm so not lying. about 7 or 8 hours later some mild itching returned, and i could have applied more miracle liquid, but it wasn't enough to really bother me, so i didn't bother.

this stuff is the windex of my big fat greek wedding. i even started adding a small amount to ezra's food. i figured it couldn't hurt! so, there you have it.

now go to your local grocery store and buy some bragg's apple cider vinegar! (heb even sells it).

Monday, July 12, 2010

A long hiatus

After a long hiatus, i'm back. if you can actually call it "back" since i've only been here once. whatever.

things that i've recently done:

took my niece to see the midnight showing of eclipse-aaand then saw it again-aaand then re-read breaking dawn. i love the twilight saga. in the words of a friend's facebook staus, "don't judge me, don't you dare judge me." :)

found, or i guess you could say -re-found- this amazing coffee shop in live oak called tazas. there are no words to describe how delicious their vanilla late and carmel frap is. mmm.

i'm absentmindedly looking around the room, trying to think of what else i've done lately... there's gotta be more to me than obsessive movie watching, book reading and coffee drinking...

well, that's good segway for what i was thinking about today..

i was driving down the road, on my way to complete another mundane task, thinking about the future. i was thinking about future trips josiah and i want to take and things we want to do. then it hit me, what is it about vacation and road trips that seems so great?

what is it about the thought of going somewhere, living somewhere else, that sparks such anticipation and excitement? why is it that the majority of the days in between planned good times, are mostly overlooked as boring, or just plain not fun?

why can't i look to these normal days with the same anticipation and excitement? i have the answer!:) the thing that will solve all of my problems is a bike, two actually-and a wagon for ezra.

why do i look to the days in the future to bring fun and excitement? because i plan on doing fun and exciting things!

watching movies is fun-but it's normal. reading is good-but also normal. hanging around the house is fine-butALSOnormal! doing these things over and over again, how can i not look longingly to the future?

so here's my solution: do the things that you look forward to... now! make these days fun. lets leave our houses and do something fun that we wouldn't normally do.

i don't know when, hopefully soon, i'm buying a bike and a wagon for ezra and our little family is going on a bike trip-right here in our city-before our "vacation."